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    This Corsair of 354th TFW with tail code MB for Myrtle Beach AFB was flown by Maj. Colin A. Clarke from Korat on a nine-hour rescue support mission on Nov. 18, 1972 over Thanh Ha, Vietnam. UP F-4D USAF 35 TFSq, 31 TFWg Korat TDY from Kunsan Oct 72 Fleet Replacement Squadrons (FRS) for fixed wing carrier based aircraft use the CVW style tail code. I would not call it "occasional" reference though, personally it is one of those books I end up checking quite often. Air National Guard units usually use the two-letter state abbreviation (AL, AZ, DE, NM, PA, etc) as a tail code. September 5, 2020 in Aircraft Cold War. WW: 35th Wing (Misawa Japan) - formerly the 432nd TFW, when the F-4G Wild Weasels of the35th TFW (and 37th TFW before it) were retired, the prestigious "WW" Weasel code was passed on along with the 35th number plate to the F-16CJs at Misawa. UD F-4E USAF 25 TFSq, 432 TRWg Udorn Redesignated from 555 TFSq, Jul 74 After the 35th TFW disbanded [number reassigned to the former 432TFW - see WW below] the code has been used intermittently by the Georgia ANG, F-15As at Dobbins AFB and E-8Cs at Robins AFB). In January 1973 several inter wing changes occurred including the 26 TRW and 86 TFW switched bases and tail codes RS and ZR. BA Tail Code: USAF 12 TRS / 67 TRW Military Airplane Pictures. 2) from 69-71. In Memory of Capt Carl Edwin Jackson-a C-123 Pilot. (ANG), F-16A/B, FT, 23rd Wing, Pope AFB, N.C. (ACC), A/OA-10A, F-16C/D, C-130E, FW, 122nd FW, Fort Wayne, Ind. DR C-130E USAF 346 TASq, 314 TAWg CCK 1966 - 71 OO RF-4C USAF 11 TRSq, 432 TRWg Udorn Deactivated Nov 70 CK A-37A/B USAF 604 SOS, 3 TFW Bien Hoa Combat Dragon Given that background information, below is a list of current tail codes used by the Navy and Marine Corps. Warren AFB, Wyo. 18th Wing History Office Tom Wagner's varieties of tomatoes have been a hit among gardeners for years. Three proud tails of C-130E aircraft in protective revetments at Tan Son Nhut Airbase Vietnam in 1972. The Tactical Air Command deputy commander for operations responded to a request from the Pacific Air Forces Commander-in-Chief and assigned the wing's units with the distinctive "ZZ" tail marking. ED F-4E USAF 58 TFSq, 33 TFWg Udorn TDY from Elgin Apr thru Oct 72 Prior to 1992 the 23rd was based at England AFB, Louisiana (EL code), where they flew A-7Ds before the current A-10s. ZG F-4C USAF 67 TFSq, 18 TFWg Korat TDY from Kadena Sep 72 thru Feb 73 EA AC-130A USAF 16 SOS, 8 TFW Ubon Spectre While the design can include color, the final tail flash will likely be done in various shades of gray to maintain its camouflage appearance. HO F-4D USAF 8 TFSq, 49 TFWg Takhli TDY from Holloman May thru Oct 72 FG F-4C/D USAF 433 TFSq, 8 TFWg Ubon Typically, units of different commands co-located at the same base use different codes. Ed "'Twas a woman who drove me to drink, and I never had the courtesy to thank her for it." Gardeners around the world have been growing these varieties for the past 8-10 years and are sharing their experiences with others. (AFRES), WC-130H, C-130E, LA, 2nd BW, Barksdale AFB, La. amenendezam. To add some more info. Abner Aust Jr (Col) Base Commander. The 48 TFW started with the LK tail code, before switching to LN during F-4D conversion. Here is a collection of photos of the North American F-100 Super Sabre Tail Codes. 531st: 300-349. blue spinner and tail band. The base/wing historian should be a good source to answer your question about F-4C/D in Alaska. Throughout military history, warriors have carried their unit colors into battle, raising them high to make an impression on their enemies. XT F-4C USAF 558 TFSq, 12 TFWg Cam Ranh Bay If you want current codes,the Air Force publishes them once a year in its AIRMAN magazine which might beavailable on line. 66-7483 (N430FS) and 66-7505 (N427FS) at ELP in the summer of 1993. But variations in identification can vary from state to state, and unit to unit. (ANG/ACC), F-15A/B, SM, Sacramento ALC, McClellan AFB, Calif. (AFMC), A-10A, EF-111A, F-111F, YF-117A, T-38A, SP, 52nd FW, Spangdahlem AB, Germany (USAFE), F-16C/D, A/OA-10A, SW, 20th FW, Shaw AFB, S.C. (ACC), F-16C/D, A/OA-10A, TF, 301st FW, NAS JRB Fort Worth, Texas (AFRES), F-16C/D, TH, 181st FG, Terre Haute, Ind. Most of the balance of pictures posted here of 58th TTW Phantoms still have white tail codes. For example, the 509th Bomb Wing at Whiteman AFB uses "WM" while the 442nd Fighter Wing of the Air Force Reserve at the same base uses "KC.". The small digits indicate the fiscal year (FY) the aircraft was ordered. Two CONUS TAC training wings had used this system for a number of years. This new Mikoyan design, designated Izdeliye 33 (Izd . Acti-Sol Hen Manure is one popular product that has been used with success by experienced, Prevention and Management of Issues with Tomato Plants in Your Garden, Growing tomatoes in your garden can be a rewarding experience, but its important to be aware of the potential issues that can arise. (AFRES), A/OA-10A, KS, 81st TW, Keesler AFB, Miss. One of the most common causes of toma, Growing Tom Wagner's Varieties of Tomatoes: A Gardener's Guide With Tips & Advice, Tom Wagner is a renowned horticulturist who has created several varieties of tomatoes, including the popular "Fort Vancouver Yellow Pear", "Pennsylvania Catchfly", "Santa Anna" and "Sunspot". Louis E. Azzarelli. AMC aircraft do not use two-letter identification codes. RAF and USAF never run away. "Z" being the last letter of the alphabet and the 18th Wing's emblem being a chicken (or rooster), word was that this was due to an unfortunate or embarrasing/disgraceful incident that took place during the Korean War. stood for Alconbury Recce, it wasn't always like that. The letters R, S, T, U and V designated within USAFE to avoid duplication of majority tail codes utilized by TAC and PACAF units. 457th: 500-549. I was thinking about the32nd TFS that was based at Soesterberg in the Netherlands and which carried the tail code CR. Two CONUS TAC training wings had used this system for a number of years. WM C-123B/K USAF 310 ACS, 315 ACWg Tan Son Nhut Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to prevent and, This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our, PLANE TALKING - HyperScale's Aircraft Scale Model Discussion Forum. Tail Code History. Seacat was a British short-range surface-to-air missile system intended to replace the ubiquitous Bofors 40 mm gun aboard warships of all sizes. SB F-4E USAF 335 TFSq, 4 TFWg Ubon TDY from Seymore-Johnson Apr 73 thru Sep 73 Dating back to 1968, the Pacific Air Forces randomly assigned a single letter to each of its 24 wings. TO T-28D, C-123K USAF 606 SOS, 56 SOWg NKP Zorro, Candle HO F-4D USAF 9 TFSq, 49 TFWg Takhli TDY from Holloman May thru Oct 72 WA F-4E USAF 414 FWSq, 57 FWWg Da Nang TDY from Nellis Jan thru Feb 72. At the same time it isn't one of those books that you'll read for pages at a time to enjoy a story, it is indeed more of a reference book that you'll likely consult whenever you need that certain information. BA - BZ F-4C/D USAF 390 TFSq, 366 TFWg Da Nang System discontinued 1969 U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptor, 04-079, with Tail Code TY (Tyndall AfB, Florida) Tail markings on USAF F-35 Lightning II, 11-5030, with Tail Code LF (Luke AFB, Arizona) F-16C S/N 84-1258 Tail Code AZ: FB-111A Aardvark 68-0249 380 BMW: A-10 82-659 Tail Code DM: C-130 Hercules 09-707 Tail Code FT: HB F-4D USAF 389 TFS, 37 TFW Phu Cat 1969 - 70 JV F-105D USAF 469 TFSq, 388 TFWg Korat RK F-105D USAF 333 TFSq, 355 TFWg Takhli All CVEGs, MCVGs and VCs assigned to ships of the Escort Carrier Force, Pacific, were to carry these designs. U.S. Air Force Air Mobility Command (AMC) aircraft do not use the two-letter identiication number. RE F-105D USAF 44 TFSq, 355 TFWg Takhli Just a veryoccasional reference book? Terence M. Murphy and his radar intercept officer . Photo Galleries; Hun Resources; Unicom; About; Notice: The appearance of U.S. Air Force, Department of Defense, or NASA imagery or art does not constitute an endorsement . FY F-4C/D USAF 555 TFSq, 8 TFWg Ubon RU F-105D USAF 357 TFSq, 355 TFWg Takhli 64-0001/0448 Boeing LGM-30A Minuteman missiles 64-0449/0459 Martin LGM-25C Titan II missiles 0449 (B-85) launched from Vandenberg AFB Mar 1, 1974 0450 (B-86) stored at Norton AFB, CA 0451 (B-87) launched from Vandenberg AFB Feb 3, 1966 0452 (B-88) launched from Vandenberg AFB Feb 28, 1968 0453 (B-89) stored at Norton AFB, CA. Instead, they have the name of the base written in a tail stripe, along with the serial number. And note that this didn't happen until 1975, while the unit's "fighting rooster" heraldry was adopted in 1931. and P-51B 42-106559 had 2106559 painted on the tail. // -->.